About the book

paperbackstandingRunning on an Angle is the story of a Vancouver website designer who has gained 100 pounds and lost her sense of balance. As she struggles to exercise and modify her diet, she learns she has a brain tumour.

Told with candor and humour, the book traces her journey from her early days mastering basic gym equipment to running a 5K race in Stanley Park, Vancouver less than two years later.

The author’s eternally optimistic daughter has autism and supplies a delightful counter-balance with her moral support and encouragement.

The story takes place on the west side of Vancouver in Kitsilano, Jericho Beach, Stanley Park and the UBC Endowment Lands.

Comments from readers

“It reads like a ride on a roller coaster – fast, funny, scary and heart-wrenching.”

“I don’t even run but I was riveted. Just finished the whole damn thing.”

“The honesty, candidness and HUMOUR had me hooked….on page 3!”

“It was so relatable and engaging, I am left to wonder if I am a 65 year old woman trapped in a 43 year old man’s body. Her voice came through loud and clear and I found myself rooting for her right from the very beginning. Good stuff!”

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